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Sensory Integration Techniques for Healthcare Providers
4 Contact Hours

Carl Hillier, OD, FCOVD
Intro Level Course

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Instructional Methodology:
Video / Audio
Hands-On learning
Real world application via offline assignments

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The tuition for this course is $110.00.

Course tuition includes:
• The Multi-Matrix Game
• Online Professional Training Course
• Assignments via PDF downloads
• Online Post-Test
• Online Evaluation

•Certificate of completion for post-test scores of 80% or higher.

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Brain development is enhanced during 3-dimensional movement or play, particularly when it is designed within a spatial structure that employs both gravity and sequential processing tasks. Through this hands-on course, participants use both online video training and a therapy tool to learn through immediate implementation of sensory integration and bi-hemispheric brain principles. Research includes review of Sensory Processing Disorder Red Flag checklists and Physician Fact Sheets on this disorder, also called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Offline assignments require participants to experience their own sensory integration, tracking their increase or decrease in speed level as new sensory loads are added to the brain development task. From the simple and well-known concepts of eye-hand coordination and visual discrimination to the more complex issues of vestibular engagement and ocular-motor fatigue, participants will not only learn courses content, but also personally experience the impact of challenges placed on their own learning. Participants must practice critical observation of another individual as an educational assessment to determine if the inability to perform key course tasks indicates a potential problem.

Suggested Audience: Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Vision Therapists, Physical Therapists, and interested others.

Objectives: Participants will be able to:
1. Describe sensory processing disorder (SPD).
2. Differentiate between spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and working memory.
3. Identify populations that can benefit from visual, cognitive, and motor development.
4. Determine the relevance of sensory processing disorders to Healthcare Providers.
5. Employ sensory integration techniques using The Multi-Matrix game as a tool for visual, cognitive, motor, and language development.

Course Segments
Part 1 – Course Introduction and Instructions
Part 2 – Sensory Processing Disorder
• Healthcare news on SPD
• Who diagnoses and treats SPD
• Impact of brain injury on sensory integration ability
Part 3- Brain Benefits
• Understanding Spatial Awareness, Pattern Recognition and Working Memory
• The need for cognitive endurance
• Importance of bi-hemispheric integration
Part 4 – Techniques
• Core games
• Physical setups
• How setups can change the developmental and sensory challenge
Part 5 – Brain Loads
• Range of cognitive and sensory loads to progressively increase the integration challenge
• Variety of brain load examples for seven cognitive and sensory areas of development
Parts 6-9 – Cognitive Development
• Cognitive development offered through number, letter, dot and symbol games
• Understanding and engaging the vestibular system
• Visual processing challenges

Offline Assignments
Download PDF files and complete as instructed
• PDF 1 – Research – Sensory Processing Disorder
• PDF 2 – Personal Assessment of Sensory Integration Performance
• PDF 3 – Client Observation and Assessment

Final Exam and Course Evaluation
• Complete online exam and evaluation, submit via email link.
• Participants must have a post-test score of 80% or better to receive CE credit.
• Participants will receive a certificate of completion for 4.0 Contact Hours.

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